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My name is Adam. I am an aging engineer, tinker, hippy and anarchist. I love science fiction novels, doom metal, board games and motorcycles.

I've been working on the web since the late nineties. I miss the internet I believed we were building back then, I liked it when Linux was hard, and get of my lawn. Our greed led us to build a techno-dystopia instead of the utopia we owe ourselves, but I'm not convinced that fight is over yet.

I don't waste much time on belief, and I have no patience for -isms. That being said, "Every man and every woman is a star." I do believe in the individual's inherent right to freedom, but Don't Tread On Me is utter bullshit. If you're free and I'm free, stuff is complicated and we have to work together.

I'm a hacker but I like making things more than I like breaking things. I like starting projects more than I like finishing them, but I also love convincing others to finish what I've started.

This is a place for me to get some things out, to share things I've tinkered with and maybe where I can learn some new things. Cheers.

Adam A.G. Shamblin - Architect - Tom Sawyer - Con Man