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  1. Weekend Update, July 23, 2020

    So, um, yeah...

    I'm not sure there would be much point to a full recap of the last nine months. In many ways, my life during that time has been the same as everyone else's: lock-down since March, though we can get out a bit since summer. I wear a …

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  2. Weekend Update, September 14, 2019

    Bee Journal

    Two weeks ago we had our first honey harvest, pulling out something to the tune of 13lbs. of honey. This was our first and last harvest of the year, being a new colony and pretty much the end of the foraging season in the Rockies. It is still …

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  3. Home from DEFCON27!

    I've been pretty bad this last few weeks, and I haven't recorded any updates here at all. July has been a busy month, between holdays, personal and work travel I've hardly had time to sit down and think, let alone write. I would like to complain, but in truth I'm …

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